We welcomed Funky Cinema to Aylesbury in June. Offering movies from Walton Parish Hall, they are just a five-minute stroll from Odeon’s multiplex alternative. With a strapline of ‘No frills. Just thrills.’ and prices just £3.50 for children and £4.50 for adults, Funky Cinema is a great option for a cheap treat this summer.

Marc John the man behind the screen shared some of his motivations for setting up Funky Cinema.

“The idea is to be a positive force in the local community and help other local businesses and artists as much as possible, to think outside the box and be a breath of fresh air for Aylesbury. The idea is to offer an exciting alternative to the sterile multiplex cinema experience, where all you get are Hollywood blockbusters.”

Marc has worked his way up in the cinema industry for almost twenty years, rubbing shoulders with celebrities including Meryl Streep, Quentin Tarantino and even Aylesbury’s beloved David Bowie.

With time on his hands during the pandemic, the idea of starting his own community cinema took shape, and Funky Cinema was born.

Movies this month include Fred Astaire’s Royal Wedding, The Addams Family (2019) and Tokyo Ghoul (anime/ live action) so there’s definitely a good range of options for all the family. Head to Funky Cinema for all the details.

Marc John