Electric vehicle (EV) drivers can now take advantage of four new EV charging points in Aylesbury town centre’s Waterside North Car Park.

Eight EV charging bays are located in front of the new BP Pulse charging points, enabling up to eight EVs to be simultaneously charged. Each charging point delivers 7kWh, which is enough electricity to provide most EVs with around 25 miles of range for every hour they are plugged into one of the charging points.

Residents and visitors to the town have access to these conveniently-located charging points, perfectly placed In Waterside North car park to serve people shopping and eating in the town, as well as visitors to Waterside Theatre. EV ownership across Buckinghamshire is growing steadily and an increasing number of employers are changing their company cars and vans to electric, so these charging points are a great addition to the town centre.

Buckinghamshire Council has committed to achieve net carbon zero for Buckinghamshire as a whole by 2050, and helping support drivers to transition from petrol and diesel to electrically-powered vehicles is one of the ways they aim to achieve this target.