A man and a woman pose with a cut out photo frame, wearing silly glasses.

Husband and wife team Andy and Paula, posing with a cut out photo frame.

If you stepped into Snappy Snaps Aylesbury, you’d be forgiven for taking some time to gaze at the walls.

The sleek, modern shop looks like an art gallery, the walls adorned with colourful, eye-catching artwork and photogifts – all created onsite by the team. It’s hard to believe that this is a family business!

Yet that’s exactly what Snappy Snaps Aylesbury is. I visited Andy Reynolds and his wife, Paula Greenspan, who have revamped the shop ready to capture all your special memories.

A man stands proudly behind his shop counter.

Andy standing proudly behind the Snappy Snaps counter.

“We’re a franchise, which basically means we’re a small business with a high street name. I have over 30 years in the photography business and I’ve been working at the Aylesbury store for 10 years. So, when Paula and I had the opportunity to take over the business, we thought, ‘Let’s go for it!’ and here we are. We took over in August 2019 and did a complete shop refit. It was quite a scary thing to do because the entire shop floor was torn out and rebuilt, but it was worth it. We haven’t stopped since!

A line of film boxes from a bird's eye view.

At the store, we do everything from digital passport photos to canvas prints and we’re adding new products all the time, like our custom frame mounts. I still work in the shop and you’ll find Paula managing our social media accounts.

As our products aren’t ‘off the peg’, it’s important to us that we provide a good service. Most of our work is unique because it’s personalised for our customers and created by us. There are so many possibilities, you can walk through our door with just the images on your phone and we’ll help you put together a lovely collage for your wall.

Four coasters of different shapes, with photos printed on them.

Or bring nothing but yourself and we’ll do a photoshoot in our first-floor studio, then create some photogifts from the images. There are so many possibilities, and we’ll always take some time to chat about what you’re looking for before we offer our ideas.

Your photos are your memories, and there’s something special about being trusted with our customers’ images. Especially when we have a chance to scan and digitise old family photos or slides, because we’re helping to preserve a bit of history.

As for us, family life is busy and we’re loving it. When we’re not working on the business, we’re ferrying our two sons to swimming lessons and football matches.

Paula and I feel so lucky to have our business in Aylesbury, the response locally has been amazing. We love getting involved with the community, and you’ll see us doing more both in person and online this year.

We can’t wait to see what the next months bring for Snappy Snaps Aylesbury.”

You can place an order in store or online and you’ll find us on Facebook and Instagram @snappysnapsaylesbury too.