On Wednesday 27 November, Stay and Play will open its doors to Aylesbury town centre visitors, providing an exciting independent Soft Play and Coffee Lounge.

Located in Hale Leys Shopping Centre, the state of the art indoor playground  is a welcomed addition to the town centre’s attractions offering family-friendly fun. Stay & Play caters for children up to 12 years and boasts a fantastic 2-tier soft play structure to explore including puzzles, challenges, swings and slides. There’s also a stimulating designated toddler section (for children up to the age of 4 years) and the popular ‘The Arcade’ which opened earlier this Autumn!

And while the children enjoy playing, The Lounge offers the perfect location for adults to sit back and relax. Enjoy a barista made coffee, locally baked cake or a range of healthy snacks suitable for all ages!

Keep reading to hear about the inspiration behind bringing Stay and Play to Aylesbury town centre from the creator himself, Guy Johnson:

“I’ve lived in Aylesbury since I was very young. I’ve seen it change and develop over time, and witnessed some of my favourite shops come and go. I have a young family, a girl who is 4 and a boy, just turned 1. Every weekend I found myself at various parties for them, most out of town or at the same venue. I began to watch and research how many people attended these types of business, and how long the queue was at the food and drink counters. It soon became apparent that I was travelling to surrounding areas, as Aylesbury was in short supply of party/family/fun centres. I decided to look into creating our own and began searching for the right venue.

 My business partner Tim, used to own a coffee shop and was very passionate about delivering a quality offering, not just service but the coffee itself. We soon got talking about combining these elements. Its very hard to envisage a ‘high-end’ children’s play centre, but we wanted just that. We have the children’s interests at our core, but we set ourselves apart from other similar businesses by not forgetting about the adults. With that in mind, we have a separate lounge area built specifically for adults, where they can relax, use our laptop benches, read a paper in comfy wingback chairs and meet with friends. We’ve gone to great expense to design and build a beautiful kitchen you’d want in your own home. We will cater for vegan, healthy eating visitors, on top of our home cooked options but not discard ‘treat food’ which will still be available. What we have always stated from the start of this project is that, we don’t want pizza and chicken nuggets floating around in our ball pond!

 This couldn’t have come at a better time as Aylesbury’s regeneration project has improved the town tremendously. We are hugely proud to be opening an independent business, from scratch, in the town centre and be part of something special. We hope to be a great asset!”